A workplace accident can be very daunting. Should the unthinkable happen, we have the experience and qualifications to help you solve the problem, deal with the authorities & help you prevent it happening again.


On top of any dealings with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), you’ll need someone who can support you talking to your insurance company, should you need to make a report on an accident. We know how these governing bodies run, to take you through the accident investigation process step-by-step.

What is an accident?  An accident may be defined as “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally” or “something that happens by chance or without apparent cause”. An accident might at first appear trivial but later turn out to be significant so it is vital to make a proper record at the time.

For Accident Investigation we can help you write a detailed report. The “Tree of Causes” investigation method is highly recommended which allows you to clearly show the relationship between the facts leading up to the accident. Human error analysis can then be carried out into slips, lapses and mistakes.

The accident investigation should include colour photographs of the workplace & accident site and video wherever possible, especially if complex or moving machinery was involved.

Consider the possible causes of the accident, i.e. if a person falls down a flight of stairs the investigation might find that the flooring on the edge of the stairs is loose & worn. The Immediate Causes might be that the flooring was not adequately secured to the stairs creating a trip hazard and the injured person did not see the fault.

The Root Causes might be that there was no regular inspection of the workplace, that staff were not instructed to report hazards and that there was no maintenance schedule for the building. The investigation should consider what corrective action should be taken to prevent a recurrence of the accident.