Risk Assessment

You could quite easily have issues with health and safety that you don’t know about and the only way to improve your work environment is to carry out a risk assessment of everything of significance. But what is significant?


A thorough risk assessment will identify every possible Hazard (something with the potential for harm or danger) that could occur in your workplace, together with an estimate of the Likelihood of an incident. This allows any potential risk from activities that are undertaken in your workplace to be logged so they can be fixed before anything happens.


For each Hazard identified, you should assign a Hazard Severity rating i.e. non-injury, seven-day injury or less, over seven-day injury, major injury or death.


For each hazard you should then assign a rating for the Likelihood of an incident i.e. remote, unlikely, possible, likely or certain/near certain.

The overall risk rating is calculated by multiplying the Hazard Severity by the Likelihood of an incident i.e. Low risk, Moderate risk, Significant risk, Severe risk or Catastrophic risk. This scheme can also use a simple summary colour code of Red, Amber or Green.


Risk assessments are vital in identifying the health and safety standards of a company. You have to ensure that you cover your worker’s safety and your business’s legal responsibilities.


Take care when someone says they will use their common sense to stay safe, as this has resulted in numerous accidents.


We can provide you with a checklist to help you assess if you have a suitable risk assessment system in place.